80/20 Human Capital Performance Rule

The 80/20 Performance Rule: The 80/20 Performance Rule, also known as Pareto's Principle (Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto; 15 July 1848 – 19 August 1923), is a major road block that prevents teams from optimizing monthly performance and productivity.

Pinnacle Solutions is a "High Performance Culture Company"

Since 2000 our team has never worked with any Executive, Director or Manager who intentionally hired an average (C), below average (C-) or poor (D) performer), yet research demonstrates an unfortunate hiring and results paradigm - 80% of today’s workforce supply chain (all managers and their team members) fall into the C, C- and D performance categories.

The negative result of these performance categories is a company’s Human Capital is less than 35% effective. In business terms this means there is a significant and incalculable reduction in potential revenue/profit opportunity, poor execution and lack of strategy alignment. Equally important customer satisfaction scores are always under adverse pressure and monthly morale resembles a heart monitor.

The term for this unfortunate phenomena and performance paradigm is the human capital “80/20 Rule.”

American industry spends between $150 and $160 billion every year trying to improve the “80/20 Rule” without any measurable success factor.

Imagine making Human Capital investments of this magnitude and the results are not measurable!!

The question every executive should ponder is - are the Human Capital investments our team is making always producing the desired business and financial results that have been planned?

The answer to this critical performance paradigm is an emphatic no!!!

Executives and managers with all their years of experience have become immune to the lack of expected ROI from all their Human Capital investments – Simply, they accept the status quo performance levels as a cost and way of doing business.

With these facts in mind, Pinnacle invented the cloud based software solution which is an advanced ground breaking patented performance and talent management technology - known as a “High Performance Culture” - this new performance culture consistently delivers unparalleled monthly overachievement results. These exceptional results are delivered by pivoting our clients’ organizations/teams from the “80/20 Rule” (20% top performers) to a performance state where 80% of the workforce become and are constant top performers.

The monthly business impact and augmented revenues are substantial. “Customer satisfaction becomes an ongoing exceptional competitive differentiator”. This competitive differentiator brings unprecedented financial value to every customer served.

The positive business impact is increased revenue and market share growth.

Pinnacle is the only company in the USA that has easy to use statistic and cloud based software tools that deliver the Human Capital Business Intelligence to create a monthly overachievement mindset and results.

This intelligence and critical insight also alters our customer's business overachievement rationale by changing their “Status Quo Thinking and Status Quo Performance Paradigms” into a new and comprehensive road map of being able to consistently achieve their true monthly performance and results potential - constant overachievement.

The Outcome:

Will have a substantial impact in the positive trajectory of current revenue run rates which supports increases in the value and price of a company’s stock while significantly improving the profits of public and private entities.

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